• Tahar Remadi

    Online bookstore

    Knowledge access across the country through an online selling platform of books with a 48h delivery.

  • Moez Lachneb & Ahmed Nabli

    Education of vulnerable children

    Spectrum develops educational mobile applications for Children and therapeutic for autistic children

  • Hassen Bouskaya

    Beekeeping training and honey production El Melika

    Training and stable income generation opportunities for unemployed people turned into beekeepers

  • Mohamed Ali Bennour & Foued Elhouki

    Mobile ecological washing service Network

    Provides stable income and opportunities for unemployed people who become micro-entrepreneurs cleaners

  • Mehdi Mrabet

    Sheep breeding

    Creation of financial resources for families living in isolated areas through the swarming of ewe lambs

  • Zeineb Farhat

    Sejnane pottery support & commercialization

    Facilitate access to distribution channels for Sejnane potters and develop high-end products to ameliorate their incomes

  • Riadh Mnif

    Ecological campsite located in the heart of the desert and micro-franchising

    Offers a business opportunity to unemployed people living in the area by allowing them to create mini camps around Camp Mars

  • Mehdi Hammemi

    Job opportunities for long-term unemployed

    Facilitating the professional integration of long-term unemployed young people through sport and strengthening of soft skills

  • Mongi Kaddoussi

    Goat farming

    Genetic improvement of local goat livestock productivity to improve small farmers' incomes

  • Malek Ben Ammar

    Artistic Marketplace

    Creating unique opportunities for emerging artists to promote and develop their artistic careers

  • Latifa Elghezal & Mohamed Jaidane & Ahmed Ben Ali

    Scientific workshops for children

    Scientific leisure activities and science popularization workshops whose goal is the scientific awakening of future generations

  • Skander Ben Hamda

    Sports community application

    Online mobile app aiming to connect sports coaches looking for job opportunities and potential sports enthusiasts

  • Mehdi Bousnina

    Business Plan Generation Platform

    Online platform for generating quality business plans and matchmaking between entrepreneurs and investors

  • Saif Allah Lajmi

    Online educational support platform

    Online education platform providing preparatory school students with quality revisions in partnership with teachers

  • Ons Ben Ounis Djellouli

    Patient care services

    Training and stable income opportunities for caregivers

  • Wala Kasmi

    Training for Employability

    Digital Training for new professional opportunities and youth employability improvement in different cities of Tunisia